Saturday, May 21, 2011

Point Pelee walk with the Ojibway Birding Group

The southern-most Racoon in Canada? This is how I feel when I have to get up early!
This morning I joined the excellent Ojibway Birders Group (OBG?) led by Paul Pratt.  The morning consisted of a great group of people, keen birders along with fantastic weather .... mix these things together and you're having a great morning. My morning started out late, I did not meet the group at the 8:00am meeting time, but  luckily I met up with them later at the tip of Point Pelee. At the tip, Tom Preney kindly pointed out the controversial Yellow-legged Gull / Herring Gull and I was able to snap a photo of it ... check it out ... (outrageous, isn't it?).  Along with great birds today, I saw Rick, Kelly, Sil, and Fitcetera (Karen) at Point Pelee... Great People!
Is this a Yellow Legged Gull? A new lifer?
After hanging out near the tip, we had moved northward towards the tram loop when we noticed a Scarlet Tanager. We followed it southward back towards the tip. One group member likened our reversal in direction as "reverse migration" LOL!!!

 At one point, Paul, our group leader mentioned Indigo Buntings and Prothonotary Warblers near the tip... I thought he was joking but no... This P.W. was foraging along branches and in the undergrowth. One usually expects this bird near a bug-infested slough.

Red eyed Vireos are a beautiful bird, very common, but rarely seen. On any summertime walk, if you hear this song: "Here I am.... (pause) Where are you?.... Here I am....Where are you?". This bird is often a victim of cowbird parasitism. Read more here....   Red Eyed Vireos were very numerous today.
Today was a wonderful day at PPNP, and there were some nice birds out, but one had to work. There wasn't a great density but overall a nice mix for the later end of the migration season. The OBG (Ojibway Birding Group) later went into the visitor center, where the park interpreter Sarah generously doled out "100 Species" pins to some of the OBG members that had a "+100 Big Day" earlier in the week. I just couldn't take one... I've never even come close to 100 species in a day... I'm just not there yet. My senses aren't sharp enough yet. Every Empidonax Flycatcher is a least flycatcher to me.... Every Gull is a Ring-billed... I'm just not there yet! :^)

Northern Parula had been heard on several occasions throughout May but not seen until today. I actually had several views but this one was the best. He was just perched on a branch, not moving, about 7m up in the air... not bad... but he was in the shade.

Good birding!


  1. How adorable is that raccoon?!
    I had to lol at your caption ... me too!

    I'm not sure I'll ever be able to tell the Flycatchers apart.
    Right now, they're all Least to me, too. :)

    You did pretty good for a "thin" day. Great photos as usual. I really enjoy coming here to see all your finds. :)

    I had a pleasant day at Hillman Marsh with 6 species of Warbler. There was also a Warbling Vireo and a Red-eyed Vireo and yes, a Flycatcher. The shorebirds included a lone Whimbrel, Black-bellied Plover, Dunlin, Semi-palmated plover, Semi-palmated sandpiper, Least Sandpiper.
    A Green Heron flew by on the way to searching for Warblers. Lots of Great Egrets and a lone Great Blue Heron, Common Moorhen, Gadwalls.

    Happy Birding, Dwayne!

  2. That interesting gull is just an abherrant Herring Gull! Cool bird though.

  3. Dwayne, I don't think you have to get 100 species in one day to accept the pin. When we got our pins, the interpreter who gave them to us looked through our checklist. It was very clear that we had accumulated 100 species over a period of ten days and four park visits...but all dates were during the Festival.

    The park was very birdy this evening; I'll be blogging it shortly. Also, there are 5 baby Eastern Screech Owls on Sylvain's street.

  4. I'm a long way from a 100-bird day too. I think on my best day this year I saw about 40. Still, I've come a long way from where I was last year!

    This pin business reminds me of Girl Guides and badges. Just because it exists you feel like you have to get it! Glad there's no pin in Ottawa, or I'd be in real trouble!



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