Saturday, May 14, 2011

Hillman Marsh Birding in Mid May Pt 2 of 3

As of May 13th, I hate to say it, but I did not really hit a really nice pocket of warblers in any of my birding walks. I've seen great birds this May, but never really had that feeling of "wow... I don't even know where to look right now".

That all changed after arriving at Hillman.

As I had left the shorebird cell, I noted a small vireo in the wooded area between the shorebird cell and wetland cell. Then, a small group of American birders walked by me and one of them started pishing to see what was around. Yellow, Yellow rumped, Magnolia, Chestnut sided, and even Wilsons all came out with ease. A small blue headed vireo was also brought out. It was pretty awesome!

The birders were like, wow... that was great but then left. I lingered around though to see what else was around. Good thing, because I found a female Prothnotary, Cereulean, Blackburnian and Bay Breasted warbler in the next twenty minutes. I also saw a Canada & Blackpoll warbler. It was pretty amazing!

It would be nice if this female found the a male at Point Pelee and nested... Just fly 4km south!
This Bay breasted was very obliging. Staying in the same tree for the whole time. I walked away from him!
 Cerulean Warbler is #241 for me. An exciting, self-discovered lifer!

I soon after went home. Rondeau and this trip wiped me out!


  1. You are doing well this year! I haven't seen a Cerulean yet, but heard one on Friday. Could I locate it? No.
    Sunday's weather look like typical weekend weather, rainy, cold, gale force winds out of the east. What's new?

  2. We hit Pt. Pelee after lunch today and stayed till dusk. It was very birdy, especially around Willow Beach. At one point people were photographing Blackburnian, Prothonotary, and Black-throated Blue all in the same pocket just north of the tram loop / washrooms at the tip. We were hoping to get Connecticut OR Kentucky OR Mourning or even Hooded, but didn't. That's okay, though. It was a gorgeous overcast, foggy, windless day. We also did not see much at St. Clair last fall.

  3. Dang, that's a sweet set of pics. Cerulean and Prothonotary would be lifers for me (as well as BB Cuckoo). Superb close views!

  4. Thanks guys. It was a really nice hour of birding. The wooded area at Hillman Marsh was crawling with birds!



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