Saturday, May 14, 2011

Birding with the Fam... Pt 3 of 3

My wife and I were wondering what to do this Saturday, I figured trying to ask her to walk a few paths at Pelee. Even though the weather promissed to rain, we went anyway and the rain held off.

We walked Tildens Trail which was quiet today when we walked through. I saw a sleeping Common Nighthawk, several Grey Catbirds, some Epidonax Flycatchers as well as a precious few warblers: Blackburnian, Chestnut sided and Magnolia.

We also walked the Marsh Boardwalk which was not very exciting. I must say though, the new boardwalk is beatifully constructed. Its almost worth walking to see the woodwork! I did see a nice, singing Swamp Sparrow but nothing too exciting beyond that.

Is this the peak of bird migration??? I've had a good month of May with some unique/cool birds, but I still feel like its been an uneventful season. Maybe I'm idealizing my memories from last year... but again, I've only seen one Black throated Green. I guess I should remind myself that hey... its about getting out and enjoying nature. One does not need to see 140 species in a single day to enjoy the ritual of spring migration. As long as we can get out there and breath fresh air and meet some great people. Take a good photo or two... thats what its about!

Good birding!


  1. That is so cool that you saw a sleeping Common Nighthawk. I have only ever seen them way overhead while they make that PEENT sound in summer. Did you ever get the Pipits?

  2. I agree about the Nighthawk... shoot, you're having a prerry good May drom where I sit...

  3. Kiki, I did look for the Pipits but did not see any with my binoculars. A birder with a scope invited me to view some, but I hardly could make out any field marks, it was a very garbled view of the pipits, so I will hold off on the lifer status. Fog was rolling over the field!

  4. Ah, the fog. They were quite close and numerous the day we saw them. I am like you, though; I don't count the bird unless I see the distinguishing characteristics.



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