Saturday, May 21, 2011

Indigo Buntings at Ojibway

A recent twitter post from Ojibway Park indicated that Indigo Buntings were back on territory at the park, so I figured I would go and see if I could find some. As luck would have it, one of the first trees I inspected had several males chasing each other (possibly in an effort to set up breeding territory). I stood by quietly watching and noticing the birds would often perch on a nearby side tree out in the open. How awesome. I got 'smashing' views of these gorgeous birds with such little effort!

I walked away from these indigo beauties and then looked up into another large Oak in the Ojibway Prairie and again... stood by the tree in amazement. A non-birder may have just walked by this large tree, but to a birder, it was thriving with activity. A close inspection gave nice views of Cedar Waxwings, Orchard Orioles, Chestnut sided Warblers, Swallows, Eastern Kingbird and ... more Indigo Buntings! Not bad!

I also saw a fresh Black Swallowtail as well as a Six spotted Tiger Beetle, which is a pretty common bug you might notice on a nature path that always seems to stay 10 feet ahead of you as you walk.

The Tallgrass Prarie was a nice walk as well with songs of Wood Thrush, as well as many other birds filling the air. I had a brief view of a Canada Warbler... this bird has eluded me this year! Three brief views but no photos.

Good birding!


  1. I'm getting ready to leave PP and I see a person coming out of the trail and I think, Hey! He looks familiar.
    It was fun running in to you today. You don't normally get to meet people whose blogs you read.

    Looks like you had a great day at Ojibway. I'm embarrassed to admit that I haven't even made it over there yet this year. I better remedy that soon. Looks like I'm missing out on great birds.

    Happy Birding, Dwayne!

    - Karen

  2. Saw lots of those metallic tiger beetles today. A nice day, but not the number of birds to go with it!

  3. Those indigos are stunning. I'm still waiting for my first. Hoping to see them at Chaffey's Locks in a few weeks. Crossing fingers!



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