Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Pine Siskin ... Just by chance

I've generally had bad luck with Winter Finches. They these nomadic little birds have graced my presence on two prior occasions, but the previous looks were at a distance and pointed out to me by excellent birders. But today, I had the pleasure of sitting in my parent's back yard and slowly coming to realize that... hey, this isn't just a female House Finch... this is a Pine Siskin!

I think I'm going to starts a "moms house" list. I'm thinking of bringing my nyger feeder to my parent's home in hopes that her yard will be more productive for Common Redpolls than my yard.

I wonder if the Siskins are heading back north already or if this is just a chance passing-by?

Good birding!


  1. Excellent tick, Dwayne! I'm envious! Spring is definitely coming and things are on the move...

  2. You could get Siskins well into May. I've had them here as late as the third week of May.
    Good chance for redpolls at "mom's" house!



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