Saturday, February 26, 2011

In search of Common Redpolls...

With the exciting posting from Blake recently about Common Redpolls near Sarnia, I have been trying to visit Ojibway Park at least weekly. Of course, no Redpolls yet, but, even just the everyday common birds that hang out are nice to see. Below I share a few...

 Nice looks at a House Finch... looks like the Spring Plumage might be starting to show up...

 I attempted to photoshop the branches behind the bird but I'll leave it...
 Two downy woodpeckers male and female doing some really strange dance... territory or mating? Don't fight over the suet feeder guys!
 WB Nuthatch
 White throated Sparrow
Dark Eyed Junco

Florida Birding Trip Update:
Well, I've booked a short trip to Florida in March. I'm really excited! I'm basically going to start my trip in Fort Myers in the South West part of the state, visit several incredible parks in the area and then drive up the east coast of Florida and hang out in Mid-Florida for some Merrit Island birding. I decided on the trip, but also decided that I'm not upgrading my camera to a Canon 7D. I'd love one, but I'm going to get another year or two out of my Canon 40D.

If anyone hears of Redpolls in Essex County, please let me know! :^)

Good birding!


*My likeness is featured on Point Pelee's website. . Thanks Crystal for letting me know!

** David Sibley's blog also featured an Owl photo I took at Point Pelee. See this link if interested:

*** Ojibway Park will soon be opening their new Nature Center. 


  1. The "polls" will be coming your way soon. I still have a couple here today.
    Congrats on having your photo used by David Sibley.

  2. Thanks for the comment Dwayne. I'll let you know if I hear about any redpolls in the county.

  3. Very nice assortment of photos, Dwayne! Congratulations also on your recent notoriety.

    I'll be watching your Florida reports carefully-- I'm heading down myself in April.



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