Thursday, March 24, 2011

Long Tailed Ducks on the Detroit River

This is about as clear a photo I could get with my point-and-shoot camera
I've made three local birding trips since my Florida vacation last week and racked up two more lifers in the process. The problem is, I hate birding without my SLR camera. Today, I shot some photos with a little simple point-and-shot camera. I can't help but think how much more detail I would have had with my normal camera.

Last weekend, I brought the family out to Colasanti's in Leamington, then drove out to Point Pelee and surrounding area. We drove to the tip of Point Pelee and checked out the beaches. Lots of sand... or the water is lower. Anyway as I was leaving, I met Tom Preney in the tip parking lot and he pointed out a Horned Grebe (in non-breeding winter plumage lifer-#232) just 20m out from the shore. Of course, no camera to document it!

Monday this week was a beautiful and warm day, and I made an attempt to search for American Woodcock at the Ojibway Prairie Reserve. I went a little too early and did not hear or see any of the target species so I will try again with our next burst of warm weather. American Woodcock would be a potential lifer (#234) and I hope to see them in the next week or two.

Today, after work, I went out to the Riverside Marina, only to find very little to look at out on the water. There were several small pockets of ducks/birds closer to Peche Island. Some included Common Merganser, and what appeared to be American Coot, or some other predominantly black ducks. As I drove down Riverside Drive, I noticed a flooded parking lot and what appeared to be swans behind the famous Abars bar. The swans turned out to be an overturned white plastic patio chair. But I looked out onto the river and saw many ducks and gulls about. As I scanned the ducks, I noticed Bufflehead, Red-breasted Merganser, Hooded Merganser and ... Long tailed Ducks! (Lifer #233) I was really excited to see them because this species has eluded me for almost two years of birding. There is a park about 200m west of Abars with a water pumping facility that offered even better views of ducks in this area. (Click here for google map. See green arrow for exact location). It was cold out there!

I also stopped by the Ambassador Bridge and saw the Perigrine Falcons in limited fashion. One falcon flew off the bridge as I approached and perched on top of Assumption Church. I will try to take some photos as the spring season progresses.

Good Birding,
Mom's House had a few cooperative Song Sparrow hanging out


  1. I hear you, Dwayne-- I'd almost rather take a great picture than see a new bird; the euphoria from the latter experience is intense, but fleeting. Nevertheless, congratulations on 232 and 233! Tick them once and you'll see them over and over... and photograph them, too.

  2. Ooooh, Long-tailed Duck would be a lifebird for me. I hope it's still around today.



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