Sunday, March 6, 2011

Northern Mockingbird at Ojibway

What a gorgeous day out today! There were several birds singing today at some of the various spots I visited today... how nice! Of course, one of the highlights today was a nice Northern Mockingbird at Ojibway Park. Tom, an Ojibway Park employee informed me that one had been around in a particular area, and sure enough, later on in the day as I was about to leave, it popped up into sight to give me good looks at this long-tailed southern beauty.

Hairy, Downy and Red bellied Woodpeckers are easily seen! Sibley's recent post has a new consideration for differentiating the two woodpeckers beyond relative bill length

Tufted Titmouse showing its Central Spot... a topic recently blogged about by David Sibley 

And of course, the star of today's posting. Thanks Tom!

Good Birding!



  1. Nice mocker! I haven't seen one since late last fall.

  2. Beautiful set of pics! I'd give a lot for this much variety at this point...

  3. Thanks guys. I got lucky on the NM by just happening to run into some knowledgeable staff at Ojibway. The other birds are regular feeder visitors :^)

  4. Excellent series. I saw a Mocker at Pelee a few years ago, so maybe they are moving into your area.



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