Thursday, May 14, 2020

FOY Indigo Bunting - Attracted to Dandelions in Back Yard + Small Warbler Flock at Ojibway

Happy May Migration Season!

I got up early to bird Malden Park this morning at 7am - only to find it a little slower than I was expecting. Still, I heard a warbler call that I was not familiar with and I found a Northern Waterthrush! Sadly my ISO settings were too strong for the dull early morning light and my photos were blurrier than I was hoping for.

Tonight at dinner I was BBQ'ing in my back porch and almost fell over to see this stunning Indigo Bunting chomping away at the abundant dandelion seeds in my back yard. A field sparrow walked by the bunting as I was photographing him. A few white crowned sparrows were around as well.

After dinner, I went back to Malden to find a Solitary Sandpiper, and Blue headed Vireo.  I went for a quick evening run to Black Oak Heritage Park and while it was generally slow tonight - I did find a nice pocket of about 10 warblers in swampy area.

I had breathtaking looks at Cape May Warblers, a Blackburnian, Chestnut sided, and Northern Parula. Another Indigo Bunting and Great Crested Flycatcher were nearby.

OK -- Less Blogging and more Birding. Enjoy the wonderful weekend coming up!

Good Birding!

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