Saturday, May 30, 2020

Beautiful Mid-May Morning Walk at Ojibway Park in Windsor

Back in mid-May - I had woken up early and gone for a walk at Ojibway Park before work.  I often try to tell myself just to enjoy the moment, and not reach for a camera - but as the sun broke though the clouds, I couldn't help but snap a few photos at Ojbway Park's main forest area.

These photos are unprocessed, straight off my cell-phone, but perhaps my phone used some built-in HDR post-processing.

A talented birder on ebird mentioned on his profile that birding is not a destination - its a journey.  That is great advice as there is so much to enjoy beyond high counts and mega-rarities.

Enjoying the morning sunlight breaking through the mist, in complete solitude, surrounded by nature gives a wonderful peaceful experience that money can't buy. The sound of birdsong, the smell of the soil, the warmth of the air against winter-weary skin, the colours of new plants bathed in golden sunlight. A delight for all the senses .... Just thought I would share some scenes from Ojibway. Enjoy.

Good Naturing,

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  1. Hello Dwayne,
    Even though those photos were from your cellphone they captured the moment so perfectly. The park is beautiful and the picture of the sun shining through the mist is very scenic and mysterious. Lovely photography!
    Greetings from Sri Lanka!



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