Friday, May 1, 2020

Brown Thrasher Singing His Heart Out #YARDBIRDING

Brown Thrasher - a new yard bird!

This evening, I was watering some plants in my back yard and was blown away to hear a BROWN THRASHER start singing his heart out in the hedgerow behind my yard. I recorded some video because - I just absolutely love the song of a Brown Thrasher. Its so random !  Also from my yard tonight I heard my FOY Wood Thrushes - which breed in the forest from South Cameron Woodlot. Song Sparrow, Carolina Wren sing constantly from that hedgerow behind my house as well. 

I am greatly saddened that birders are not allowed to go to Point Pelee, Rondeau and Hillman this year. The birding season in Windsor / Essex is so fleeting - two weeks and its over until next year.

Stay healthy, stay safe!

Good Birding!


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