Saturday, March 7, 2020

Carolina Wren Finally Added to Yard List

This morning was a sunny, crisp and downright too beautiful to be indoors. So I went into my backyard just to look at my garden area and just be outside.

In the distance - a Carolina Wren was clearly heard. Hearing this distinct bird song always induces a smile on me. One usually hears this at Point Pelee, Holiday Beach, or Ojibway Park - but to hear one today from my back yard blew my mind! I have been living at my current house for 4-5 years and have seen and heard many great species - but it was only today that I distinctly sensed one for the first time!

I grabbed my camera and binoculars and went for a walk behind my house. I walked in the direction of the bird song and soon was at the edge of a field and forest-scrub habitat. Sure enough, two Carolina Wrens - most likely a breeding pair were skulking around nervously in their wren-like fashion.

While I was out there, I also heard my first of year Song Sparrow singing. It was being shy but I was able to find him along a ditch/drain that cuts through South Cameron Woodlot in Windsor.

For those who have followed my blog over the last few years, its interesting to know that I've seen and heard some great species in this natural area. Some include:  Wood Thrush (breeder), Eastern PeeWee (Breeder), Red bellied Woodpecker, Downy, Hairy (rare), Red Headed (rare) and too many others to name here.

As I walked by to my house through a field, I noticed many American Robins skulking around on the field 20 perhaps which are no doubt northbound or soon to be taking up territory in a residential area near you.

Another great bird seen today was a pair of Eastern Bluebirds in the Pleasant Valley area of Essex County.  My family and I went to John R Park Homestead along the shore of Lake Erie, and while coming home, I drove through that area in hopes of seeing a bluebird and luckily - my target bird was found.  While out in the county, I saw several Killdeer as well. Its always nice to see them and hear them as they return from their winter migration. Spring is here!


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