Monday, March 9, 2020

Beautiful Bluebirds at Ojibway Park in Windsor

This past Sunday morning - I went for a bikeride to several areas within the Ojbway Park complex in West Windsor - and I was pleasantly surprised to see several pairs of Eastern Bluebirds in three different areas!

In all three locations, their song gave them away long before seeing them. 

There is something indescribably beautiful about bluebirds and I don't think I could ever get tired of seeing them. They are peaceful, they are beautiful, they have a warbling song that somehow sounds like a depressed warbling song. 

There is a vantage point from the Brighton Beach area which gives views to the Detroit River and Zug Island across from West Windsor. The air is stinky from all the industrial pollution from both sides of the river.  I couldn't help but notice huge mountains of black powder just meters away from the detroit river and great lakes ecosystem. I believe the chemical is called PETCOKE!  If you google "Windsor Star Petcoke" you can find lots of articles about this controversial chemical waste product of oil refining. One such article is here -

One last side note - I have been trying to listen for American Woodcocks in my backyard over the last week or so, and this morning -March 9th at 7am -before sunrise - I heard Woodcocks flying overhead as I was leaving for work. Amazing. Spring is here!

Good birding,

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