Friday, August 24, 2018

Mothing at Ojibway - Aug 24th 2018

Tom Preney pointed out this beautiful Darling Undwing moth with a purple gloss to its wings

Between 9-11pm tonight, I joined the Windsor Essex Field Naturalists for an evening of Mothing!

Quick Summary:

  • Sweetheart Underwing (Most abundant underwing tonight)
  • Widow Underwing (Mono-chromatic beauty)
  • Darling Underwing (Purple tinged underwing!)
  • Pelecinid Wasp
  • Several unknown species!

Some previous mothing postings are:

*Just a little editor's note that I "tagged" my "Widow Underwing" images with the word "Window Underwing"... My bad... I'm too lazy to re-export the images!

Good Mothing!

The Widow Underwing is a monochromatic beauty with a black and white underwing!

The Underwing of an Underwing!

1 comment:

  1. Mothing can be a lot of fun, especially looking for all the different Catocola species. I presume you used the sugar/stale beer/ripe fruit mix which underwings love?



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