Sunday, August 19, 2018

Gorgeous Galinule Glimpse - Purple Galinule at Fox Creek in Kingsville

Along the shore of Lake Erie on the southern edge of Essex County is a wonderful series of small towns between Amhurstburg and Leamington. There is an ERCA Historical Attraction called John R Park Homestead on the shore of Lake Erie nestled beside Fox Creek. This is between Kingsville and Oxley.  A Leamington birder/photographer named Brad Oullette was driving along the shore when he spotted a Purple Gallinule foraging along the Fox Creek marsh. Brad is no stranger to mega rarities... he found a Fork Tailed Flycatcher  at Point Pelee about 10 years ago!

I attempted to find the bird on Saturday (yesterday) but after looking for 1 or so hours, I left only to have it come into view shortly after I left. I tried again today and upon arrival, there was a group along the road looking through scopes, cameras, binoculars... which was a good sign. I snapped a few photos just as I arrived on scene and boom... the bird was gone!

Fox Creek was a nice little wetland that hosted Kingfishers, Great Egrets, Great Blue Herons, Green Herons, to name a few. Carolina Wren was singing periodically. Warblers were noted in the trees along the shoreline. A small group of birders had also pointed out an Eastern Garter Snake which had attempted to eat a large toad. The snake had the toad's leg in its mouth but after a few minutes, the snake realized that its going to be hard to swallow the toad with the other limb being free.


Good Birding!!!

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