Friday, August 31, 2018

Point Pelee Birding on Labour Day Weekend

This morning, I joined Kit McCann and Mike Austin for a birding walk at Point Pelee. We birded the park from about 7am to 12:00 noon. I managed to see about 63 species today [ebird list]. 

Some of the best birds seen - (in my opinion) were Cape May Warblers, Olive sided Flycatcher, Blackburnian Warbler, Bay Breasted, Blackpoll, Yellow bellied Flycatchers... So many species that I only get once-a-year looks at ... if I'm lucky!

Mike, who birds the park daily hinted to us that yesterday was a much better day with 16+ warblers seen. 

As we left the park, we went through the onion fields- (which were pretty quiet), a freshly ploughed field along hwy #3 in Leamington (which gave looks at Black Bellied and Golden Plovers). We even stopped at the Essex SL Plant to see a few seasonal shorebirds. 

Labour day weekend is always a favorite birding weekend for me because there are lots of southbound migrants and its a nice long weekend. Funny though, for the last two years, I did not go birding on Labour Day weekend. 

Hermit Thrush (Or Grey Cheeked Thrush?)

Good Birding!

PS: I've added some bonus pics from Holiday Beach Last Night. There was a nice Egret Roost just outside of Holiday Beach near "ducks on the roof". Common Galinules easily seen at "carp crossing".

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