Saturday, January 1, 2011

Detroit River CBC & the search for Red Breasted Nuthatch!

I just returned from birding the Ojibway Park area and the Provincial Ojibway Oak Savanah Reserve. This is one of many local areas covered in the Detroit River CBC which covers areas on both sides of the Detroit River. Nothing out of the ordinary was seen but we did hear a Carolina Wren and get good looks at both male and female Hairy Woodpeckers.

I'm sure all the reptile lovers will love this one!

In late December I was visiting my parents and happened to notice a nuthatch hanging around their bird feeder. It was a tiny bird (Kinglet sized), I had no camera or binoculars, but I could tell by its behavior (its gestalt) that it was a nuthatch and it had a greyish - cinnamon colour... a Red Breasted Nuthatch.  On New Year's Eve I had to drop something off at my parents and figured I would bring my camera... Maybe I would get lucky!
I was there at about 4pm ... It seemed really slow with the exception of a few Black Capped Chickadees, a pair of House Sparrows and a Downy Woodpecker.
Then, yes... after about 20 minutes of patiently waiting, my target species arrives (sitta canadensis!). This is a great bird... I still remember the day I lifered this bird back in Feb 2010. More can be read about the Red Breasted Nuthatch here: .
 Would you identify this as a female? It seems to have a greyer cap than the eyestripe. Males have more dramatic black-white-black colourations if I'm not mistaken.
I can't help but wonder if this bird is just passing through or overwintering at my parent's south Windsor home? They have a nice 5-acre parcel of land with lots of evergreens around. I will check weekly and keep you informed if it stays!

Good birding!

PS: I sometimes will re-post articles from the local paper that are birding related. These articles discuss what CBC's are, and feature Paul Pratt, an incredible birder and Naturalist that works at Ojibway Park. Paul  has been a huge influence in my birding awareness and knowledge.

Video about Christmas Bird Counts Featuring Paul Pratt:

Article about Christmas Bird Counts Featuring Paul Pratt:

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