Saturday, February 20, 2010

Lifer! Red Breasted Nuthatch...

I've been dying to see a Red Breasted Nuthatch. My  life list additions have dried up a little since September (with the exception of the winter ducks I've been photographing). So as I left to my mothers' house for breakfast, I figured I would grab the SLR and 500mm lens.

As I gazed out her window upon arrival, I noticed a tiny bird, almost the size of a kinglet facing away from me. So, I went to a differnent room in the house to get a side view. I first noticed it was a nuthatch, then, the stripe... An RBN!!!

I have honestly looked all winter for this bird in various parks and habitats... and to find it during a routine family breakfast at my mothers house was awesome!

I wish it was not on a feeder, in a more natural setting, but a lifer is a lifer!

A few more birds crossed my path today. There was great light out... Blue Jays, Cardinals a canonical Dark Eyed Junico.
I'm not sure but during a walk at Malden park I noticed a sparrow singing its heart out... is it a swampy? ID please. Im not really into sparrow or gull identification yet... Also a female downy woodpecker was almost following me as I walked at Malden... weird eh?


  1. I see you finally got a Red-breasted Nuthatch!
    I saw a Pileated Woodpecker today, but it was south of Fingal (Elgin Co.) flying over me as I was driving.
    At Rondeau they can be very elusive, especially in the winter. Best time is in April and May to see them. South Point Trail, Tulip Tree Trail, or Spicebush Trail are reliable spots. Get to know their call and distinctive drumming sounds.

  2. Blake, thanks for the kind words. Very few people appreciate or 'get' the joy a lifer can bring, so I am really happy that a few fellow birders online can share in the experience.

    As you may noticed, seeing a red-headed or pileated woodpecker would be almost a religious experience for me. I hope to go out to PP and Rondeau alot this spring. I've only been to Rondeau once in my life, and for the hour I was there, I photographed a YBSS and a question mark butterfly.

    Thanks again! Dwayne



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