Saturday, January 22, 2011

King Eider & Better looks at White-winged Scoter

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I had some time to kill this morning so I headed out to East Windsor to see if I could re-find the White winged Scoter I saw yesterday. Its funny though, my main viewing area had been the park just east of lili-kazilies on Riverside Dr. I did not see much this morning from that park (with the exception of two soaring bald eagles over Peche Island), so I figured I would try the viewing from another marina I had never checked out.

Lucky for me, there was a friendly birder (Richard) there with a scope, and he pointed out not just the White winged Scoter but also a female King Eider! (Lifer! #223). I would not have noticed the King Eider without his keen eyes and his willingness to share his observations.

Richard and I discussed scopes. He gave great advice on not skimping when it comes to birding optics, but I told him... I have a wife, a new son and a mortgage. No $3000 scopes for me! I went ahead and purchased this scope which seems pretty good and costs about the same as an evening to a local restaurant. Now, I get the enjoyment of a scope while maintaining a healthy marriage!!!

This female King Eider does not look too much different than the female Canvasback to the right of her. Props to Richard for finding it. I guess I'm stating the obvious here but I wish a male King Eider was hanging around.

Hooded Mergansers seemed to much more abundant somehow this morning. A refreshing change from just seeing one in the far distance.

 There was a mature Bald Eagle flying with this juvy. They are basically easy to see if you scan along the trees on Peche Island.

Female Greater Scaup

Good birding!

PS: Thanks to Kelly for pointing out a typo I made on my last posting. I was calling the Scoter a Scooter!!!! Opps!!! I can laugh at such a silly mistake, but I must say, ... I have an excuse for that mistake! I was at Point Pelee in May this year, and someone came up to me and said: "There are some Surf-Scooters out off the west beach waters". I've been calling Scoters --> "Scooters" for the last 7 months! Thanks Kelly :-)

... don't even get me started on the spelling or pronounciation of Pileated Woodpeckers!


  1. Good shot of the King Eider. I wonder if it was the one up by Algonac earlier. That area is choked with ice now.
    Been a couple of years since I saw a King Eider!

  2. Congratulations on the two recent lifers, Dwayne! great pics, too. I hope some of your good fortune spreads around-- I'm trying somewhere new myself tomorrow.

  3. Don't worry, both the British and the American pronunciations of "pileated" are accepted in Canadian English. Congrats on the new scope!



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