Thursday, January 13, 2011

My newest field guide is my oldest...

Birding at moms...

I've been trying to photograph the Red breasted Nuthatch at my parent's house in good light. It's proven to be very difficult! The Red breasted Nuthatch shows up everyday at around 4pm but has been very skittish. A Sharp Shinned Hawk has been visiting hourly to the yard as well.

Old field guide...

I find people start to give you birding-related paraphernalia when they learn you are a birder. I've been given field guides, books, Artwork, Framed Photography... great stuff. My latest gift though is an old Audubon's field guide from 1949.

The coolest thing about this guide is the fact that they have an Ivory-billed Woodpecker included in the woodpecker section. Even in 1949, the write refers to this bird as 'doomed' due to the deforestation of Southern forests. How sad...

Another gift was some huge Audubon's art prints!

I birded Lakeview Marina today and had some pretty good photos. I plan on going back tomorrow after work to hopefully get some better shots.

Good birding,


  1. Those large prints are gorgeous!

    Those are some great gifts.

  2. Score on the prints!
    So far I've only been gifted with one guide. I'm sure as time goes on and word spreads there will be more.
    I came across this site that has some cute birding is of an ivory-billed woodpecker with "I want to believe" underneath it. cute and sad.

  3. I have some old guides and books that are interesting to look through. I check out used book stores, etc.
    I recognize some of those prints as I have old postcards of Audubon paintings.

  4. Jenna, The Birdorable link is great! I've come accross the birdorable site but did not see the 'i want to beleive' picture of the IBWO.
    Crystal, you can browse all of Audubon's artwork and writings here:
    Audubon's "Birds of America" (incredible resource):
    Blake, you are correct in your shared insights. My co-worker mentioned that the book was $1 from a local value village.

  5. Did you see anything cool at the marina today? I wasn't feeling 100% and didn't go down. My fiance did, but isn't sure of the "different" duck he saw. Beautiful prints. Will you frame some for your walls?



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