Friday, November 12, 2010

Mid November Birding

A short walk at Malden today turned up an American Kestrel. The plumage on this falcon is awesome isn't it? It's got a chestnut coloured back, slate-grey sides, and a buffy breast, all covered with diamond-plate markings. This guy is pretty common at Malden Park during certain winters.

The photo below shows a female Red bellied Woodpecker taking some nuts from a tree (I wish I knew the tree species... Pignut Hickory?), and then cracking them in a particular hollowed out branch. Could the Red bellied Woodpecker below be using a specially carved tree trunk as a tool to help it shell nuts? I noted this woodpecker behavior at Ojibway Prarie Reserve. White breasted Nuthatch were really abundant as well tonight.

Thursday evening, I stopped by Holiday Beach ... only to be a little disappointed at how quiet it was. I hardly saw any birds! The gate was locked so I had to walk to the tower. When I got there... nobody was there! Anyway, I did see a Brown Creeper, lots of vocal BC Chickadees. I also saw a pair of Hermit Thrushes, which I thought were late, but later realized they are common in November (at least according to Ebird). Red bellied Woodpeckers were seen as well.

On the way back to my car, I heard loud woodpecker drumming. I couldn't help but follow the sound. I later discovered a squeaking, drumming, agitated Hairy Woodpecker ( In Audubon's time, they called it a Canadian Woodpecker ... a better name IMHO).
 What was agitating it? Possibly this Cooper's Hawk that was perched 20m away from this tree.

Good birding!

PS: Have you ever heard about apparitions of certain figures in people's cinnibuns, french toast etc? My wife called me over after dinner on Wednesday night claiming there was a bird in a piece of chicken that had fallen under my son as he was eating in booster chair.  Do you see a bird? Possibly a Pileated Woodpecker or a Blue Jay??? LOL

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  1. We saw lots of Hermit Thrushes last weekend, but I didn't see one today!
    Some winter over, and we usually get one or two on the Christmas Bird Counts.



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