Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Hindsight is 20/20 ...

Two lifers in Hindsight....It dawned on me recently that I have photographed a Purple Finch (PUFI) at Ojibway. I was really unsure if indeed they were PUFI's, but the female PUFI's are what have me sold. Seeing these were anti-climatic. They are not as pretty as I imagine they might be in the spring in mating plumage. A recent FLICKR photo that I was looking at convinced me that these were more than just House Finches. These were photographed Oct 30th 2010.

Another bird that I realized I had lifered last year at this time was a Snow Bunting at Malden Park. At the time, I thought it was a Lapland Longspur but now I realize it is indeed a Snow Bunting. When I photographed it, my white balance was set to incandescent lighting, creating a bad colour cast on this bird. I still remember this bird hopping along the ground 10m in front of me, almost refusing not to take flight.

Snow Bunting Lifer #212
Purple Finch #213

Malden Park can have some nice birds. Last November (2009), I photographed this American Kestrel (as well as the Snow Bunting above). I will be looking for these as well as Northern Shrike over the next few months.

Looking back at my "Photo life list" of 80 birds just back in January, I've come a long way. Next year, I might have to delve a little deeper into identifying gulls. I'm also considering some early summer trips to various birding hotspots in Ontario and possibly out west.

Good birding!

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  1. I am so glad you posted these photos! Just this morning I was watching my feeder and what I thought was a female House Finch landed, but she was heavily streaked so I was unsure. Then the males landed and I was sure they were HFs, since I thought PF were entirely red. The streaking on the female I saw is identical to your photo above!

    Grats on two new lifers! You're on a roll.



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