Thursday, July 29, 2010

Deja vue... Kayaking Point Pelee's Marsh

I took two of my pre-teen nephews out for a canoe rideto Point Pelee today. On the way there, I figured I would stop by the Leamington Docks to see if we could see the Red Headed Woodpecker. Its been a while since I've seen it. One of my nephews was looking at the tree through binoculars and informed me that he sees a woodpecker! I was really happy that these two young guys shared in the joy of birding.

These two photos are about the best I can do without tresspassing private property, the bird is probably about 50m away, and these are cropped images taken with a 500mm lens on a 1.6x crop factor sensor.
The same field that this tree is in hosts a few Northern Mockingbirds and we got some really close looks at them again. Hence... dejavue.

We then headed to Point Pelee marsh for a two hour canoe ride with a mid-way stop at the East Beach just past the East Cranberry Pond. We saw some small Least Sandpipers, Semipalmated Plover, Killdeer, Common Terns, Black Terns, and again, Short Billed Dowitchers.
 As we headed back to the windsock marsh landmark, we saw many, many terns flying iradically in large flocks and I had taken a photo to possibly identify them later... are they Black Terns? Anyway, moments later, I noticed that a larger bird was causing all the excitment, yes... A Hungry Peregrine Falcon!...

Overall, a good day! Good birding!

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  1. Good bunch of Black Terns. They are becoming scarcer each year it seems.
    There were lots of Caspian and Common Terns on the lake on Tuesday.



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