Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Blogspot now has stats!

Its funny, Jeremy (Cerulean Sky) recently posted a complaint that blogspot does not have stats. I have never really demanded that functionality from blogspot, but I thought it would be cool. Well, there is a new feature that allows stats to be analyzed!

To see this feature, you have to view the "Blogger in draft beta dashboard".  One neat thing I've learnt from viewing my stats is that my Kayaking Hotpots in Windsor blog posting has been a major hit. Also new is the options for obtaining images off your computer. Very cool. One problem with the stats is that your own hits are counted. So, if 10 people read this posting, probably 5 of those hits will be my own browsing.

Regarding birding, I've been trying to see Bobolink lately! I actually went to Jack Miner's today but my search was futile. The only interesting bird I saw today (that was not in captivity) was a Northern Flicker. Actually, I photographed a feeding Barnacle Goose today at Jack Miners that was hanging out with Canada Geese. I guess I'll add that as a lifer.

I'm going to try to kayak River Canard at the mouth of the Detroit River going inland. Also, I am going to try to walk the St Clair College forest area early one of these days. Stay tuned!

Good birding!

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