Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Birding Books... & Life list wishlist

Today, I had a box from Amazon dropped off at my house containing two recently ordered books! I bought the Sibley Field Guide for Eastern North American Birds and the Atlas of Ontario Breeding Birds! I think both resources will help me make better diagnostics of the birds I'm seeing.

I have had the ROM Field guide which is good, but not great. They typically have a photograph of a male in breeding plumage. Tom Hince's book "A Birder's Guide to Point Pelee" has been an incredible source of information to me. I would say that the information about the local hotspots really ignited my interest in birding and challenged me to get out there and see these locations. Its several years old now (from the publishing/authoring standpoint) and I find it funny how things have changed, but things are still the same in a way. Blake and Paul have been equally excellent in sharing knowledge, as well as many of the blogs that I'm following.

Some birds that I would like to see but still haven't include:
Eastern Meadowlark (I saw one in Florida but very far away from me)
Marsh Wren ( I think I've seen them at St Clair NWA, but hardly enough to identify)
American Bittern
King/Virginia Rail
Red Eyed Vireo (I've seen this as well but would like to see it and photograph it better... isn't this common?)
Assorted Shorebirds
Assorted Warblers that I've missed
Assorted Gulls (that I have not bothered to identify)
American Woodcock
Black Billed Cuckoo
Caronlina Wren (haven't really seen one since April!)
Northern Shrike
As well as a few Winter Finches

I think I'm being realistic with the above list, its not like I want to see a Crested Caraca! Eventually, I will be in the 200+ birding club. When that happens, I think I'll throw a party with/for my blog readers... all three of you!

I'm really wanting to do some Kayaking, hopefully to Rondeau and/or PPNP very soon.


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  1. Some of those birds should be no problem!
    I think I have more than three readers of my blog. Actually I know there are quite a few, but nobody comments! Probably just as well, I can't stand criticism!



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