Sunday, May 2, 2010

Hooded Warbler at Ojibway ...

Today I had a tonne of work to catch up on, but I took a quick walk around Ojibway just to see what was happening. Long story short, I was blown away at how many House Wrens there were... There must have been one every 50 sq meters! Also, I thought I saw at one point a Yellow Warbler... but it turned out to be be a female Hooded Warbler! Lifer!!!

Yesterday, I photographed three birds that I couldn't ID. Could the first one be a Swainson's Warbler? I use to ID most of my birds... And Swainsons is the only greyish bird... Vireos... I'm not sure what this could match in that category... Any thoughts?

 I'm not sure what this is... A female Blue-winged Warbler? Or Immature? Any ideas?

Happy Birding!


  1. First one looks like a female Tennessee Warbler. Note the thin pointy bill that eliminates vireos. White undertail coverts indicate Tennessee rather than Orange-crowned. Swainson's Warbler is a mega rarity in Ontario! It is a large brown warbler that skulks in the underbrush.
    Second one is a female Orchard Oriole. Note larger size and larger bill than any warbler.

  2. Blake, Brilliant identification skills. Those birds did not even cross my mind... But after going back and looking these up a little more, I would have to agree. The beak on the yellow bird is tell-tale Orchard Oriole.




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