Thursday, April 29, 2010

White Faced Ibis at Big Creek... and a few warbling friends...


Wow, I left work today and headed out to Amherstburg... Big Creek Marsh and Holiday Beach to do some mid-week birding. Much to my delight, the Ontbirds notices of a White Faced Ibis from three days ago were still relevant! Sure enough, I saw parked cars, tripods, scopes and geeked out birders!

The real birders stood at a great distance, letting the bird wade in peace, while some locals walked as close as they possibly could to shot photos... Where is the birding etiquette?

 (Besides the Ibis, there were hundreds of Great Blue Heron in the background.)

It was a nice day out, but as soon as I arrived to Big Creek, the grey, cloudy skies rolled in with dingy, photography-killing light. Then it even started to rain!  The White Faced Ibis is a lifer for me... and the link below has a range map that really lets an ontario birder know just how 'accidental' this species is!!!

Next I stopped by Holiday Beach, and much to my happiness, the gate was open. I slowly drove down the the entrance road and stopped my car at one point when I heard lots of warbling.

Yellow Warbler!!! I have the feeling there were many around because I could hear them all along the drive into the park. Also, I basically took this from inside my car!

Holiday Beach was absolutely gorgeous. All the sloughs were flooded... I can just imagine that it will be humming with birds over the course of the next few weeks.

Next, I walked around near the observation tower, but did not see anything exciting. A few tree swallows, a cardinal, your obligatory grackels, robins and starlings.

Yesterday (Wednesdsay), I stopped by Point Pelee from 3-5pm and did not see much. I did see my first local warbler in spring molt.
The Yellow-Rumped Warbler was found at Blue Heron picnic area.
Hermit Thrushes are easy to spot in Woodland Trail this week. I ran into on loud Eastern Towhee, and MANY White Throated Sparrows.

Finally, I birded Ojibway quickly on Tuesday this week and did not see much. I did happen to run into a Tufted Titmouse, House finch and American Goldfinch.

Happy Birding!


  1. Some nice photos, especially of the White-faced Ibis! I got the one a few years ago at Hillman Marsh. They seemed to be more regular in Ontario any more.
    I had my first Red-headed Woodpecker of the spring at Port Lambton this morning!

  2. Blake, thanks for the heads up. Ontbirds email from Point Pelee had mentioned that one was finally seen in the park.

    Congrats on the RHW. I'm dying to see that bird. I'm gonna go to Pt. Pelee Saturday with the Ojibway group and possibly Rondeau Sunday with the OFO group.


  3. Definitely sightings seem to be on the rise. My first was the same that Blake is mentioning. In fact, we saw it at the same time!

    That was a great sighting to start the day.



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