Sunday, April 11, 2010

Short trip to Point Pelee

Saturday morning, I took a quick trip to Point Pelee. I am presently in the market for a Kayak, so I had been planning to pick one up at Pelee Wings and possibly go out into the Marsh with it. But, I just did not have enough time to do all these things, so I differed the purchase of my Kayak for a later time.

Interestingly, as I drove over Sturgeon Creek on the bridge, in the corner of my eye I noticed the tell-tale white-navy-blue flash pattern of a Belted Kingfisher in flight, so I put on my hazard lights and pulled over on the bridge. It was really 'birdy' there!

Sturgeon Creek Bridge birds:
Purple Martin (lifer)
Barn Swallow
Tree Swallow
Double Crested Cormorant
Belted Kingfisher
Great Egret (flying in the distance)

Upon arrival at Point Pelee, I quickly noticed a single pair of ducks in Sanctuary Pond (only one pair?) They were wood ducks.

Several west side beach areas were pretty quiet. I would have liked to have seen a Mourning Cloak butterfly, but none were to be found.

I walked Delaurier Trail and Tildens Trail. Both were pretty quiet. Sturgeon creek was almost a little more interesting. I also walked about 50 meters up the board-walk (or 'bored'-walk) and noticed a single American Coot in the Marsh. That would have been a lifer had I not gone to Florida in March.

On Tilden's trail, its funny,,, I did not really see too many birds (RWB's not included) but I noticed it was nicely flooded on each side of the trail. I also heard on occasion very unique bird songs that I was unable to identify. Looking out from the East beach, I noticed many windmills lining the horizon! I can't believe they put Windmills on a major north american migration route! I guess time will tell how this will effect birds in migration. Will the wind turbine owners disclose any statistics on their effect on birds?

Point Pelee Birds:

Eastern Phoebe
Great Blue Heron (flying overhead)
Northern Flicker
Downy Woodpecker
American Coot (in the Marsh)
Blue-Grey Gnatcatcher? (Just a faint glimpse @ Tildens Trail)
Red Tailed Hawk
Various Gulls and Scaup in the distance
Huge numbers of Red Winged Blackbirds, Grackles and Robins

Overall a quiet day at Point Pelee. I was really only there for about 2 hours, almost not worth the drive out from Windsor. But... this is what birders do. If nothing else, its good exercise and practice for my photography skills.

Happy Birding!

(Click image to see larger view)

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  1. I was in Toronto this weekend, so I missed birding down this way.
    There will be a lot more of those wind turbines in the future (unfortunately)!



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