Monday, April 5, 2010

Great Morning at Point Pelee (three lifers!)

Wow, what a great morning at Point Pelee! I showed up at about 8AM (on Easter Monday). The first thing I noticed was three giant turkeys crossing the road about 50m after the entrance. I stopped by the sanctuary pond lookout but only saw a few Canada Geese and Wood Ducks in the far distance. I stopped at a few west side beaches but did not see much. Finally, I arrived in the old homestead parkinglot and much to my surprise,  I saw several Northern Flickers just taking their time rummaging thought the grassy edges of the parking lots!

Then, I noticed a photographer off to the west end of the parking lot so I joined him. He was eyeing an Eastern Towhee and sure enough... Lifer! (click any of the photos to see a larger version of the image)

Major birds I saw today were Yellow Bellied Sapsucker, Northern Flicker, Red Breasted Merganser (lifer), Eastern Pheobe, Eastern Towhee (lifer), I even photographed what I think might be a little gull (lifer)..... Overall, a great day! Perfect temperature, great sunlight.

I need not mention the bazzillion Grackels, Starlings and Robins.

Wow, is this a Little Gull in this photo above? (actually... probably a Bonaparte's Gull)

Happy Birding, April and May seem like they are going to be wonderful months for birding!


  1. Very nice photos!
    Lifers are always exciting.
    Red-breasted Mergansers are common right now. There were over a thousand at Rondeau yesterday. Last fall we counted over 50,000 going by Point Pelee Tip in about 3hours!
    Lifers will come fast and furious now.

  2. Thanks Blake,
    I shot several hundred photos, and only posted the most interesting 6 or so. They were bound to be good.

    It's funny though, the RB Mergansers I saw were all about 80+ meters off the shore, but I surprized three while I was waiting for the Point Pelee shuttle. I just walked over to the west side area where you can park and they were right there. They slowly drifted 10m, 15m and so on but never flew away.



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