Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Black Oak Heritage Park ... after work!

I stopped by Black Oak Heritage Park today in West Windsor. I was hoping to run into a Red-Headed Woodpecker (Considering they love Oaks) but ended up seeing a few other decent birds. I also ran into a few cool butterflies! I have been to Black Oak Heritage Park twice this spring and both times, it was crawling with the Mourning Cloak butterfly!

Black Oak Heritage Park has recently had 34 acres experience a prescribed burn. This exposes the rich topsoil to more sunlight and it is already rebounding wonderfully. 

On my way into the park, I heard lots of woodpeckers drumming

 I also watched a pair of Easter Comma butterflies wrestle in the leaves and stones on the path I was walking. And on my way out of the park, to my surprise.... Eastern Towhee! I've never seen this bird in my life until two weeks ago, and now I see it again... on my own. It was really cool to behold. I would describe the call of the Eastern Towhee as ' You-Are- Cheap Cheap Cheap....'. I got some incredible looks at this bird!

Happy Birding!


  1. Red-headed Woodpeckers should be coming in now. Perhaps one will be at Rondeau on Saturday.
    They are becoming very scarce. We used to get them here (Wallaceburg area) in the winter, but not anymore.

  2. I had a single, extremely worn Mourning Cloak today in Toronto at the Leslie Street Spit. Not many butterflies for me yet this year...the only other I saw today was an azure.



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