Sunday, November 24, 2019

Red Phalarope at Erieau - a Rarity on a Weekend?

Just a short posting about an awesome rarity that showed up in the Chatham Kent area recently.

Red Phalarope was one of those birds I was assuming I would never see - but here we have a cute little bird that was in a very accessible location in the Erieau area on the North Shore of Lake Erie.

I had a chance to see Allen Woodliffe briefly as well as Rondeau Rick and a few other bird enthusiasts. It was so cold out though - I left soon after.

I think I had a chance to see a Rough Legged Hawk on the way home, but I'm not sure if its just a Red Tailed Hawk.

This bird is my 461st life bird species.

Lifer Summary - Last 10 species:

 Western Screech Owl 453 (AZ)
 Scaled Quail 454  (AZ)
 Graces Warbler 455  (AZ)
 Painted Redstart 456  (AZ)
 Yellow Eyed Junco 457  (AZ)
 Blue throated Hummingbird 458 (AZ)
 Elegant Trogon 459 (AZ)
 King Rail 460
Red Phalarope 461

Good Birding!

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