Monday, November 18, 2019

Basic Seasonal Sightings Oct-Nov 2019

Over the last two months, I worked almost daily (after work) on completing a basement rental apartment. This killed much of my time for nature observations - but still I occasionally got out for a nature walk - if only to my back-yard, the odd pelee trip (I had a small operation in Leamington) and just this past weekend, I even attempted to go to Holiday Beach in hopes of seeing some good raptor flights. Luckily- that basement revovanion project is officially over and I am now back to a regular work week.

This past weekend of Nov 17th - I drove around the Harrow-Amherstburg area. Lots of raptors were visible. most of them were Red Tailed Hawks - but the occasional Northern Harrier, American Kestrel, Bald Eagle, and Red Shouldered Hawk were seen.   I was hoping to see a rough-legged hawk but none were seen in my brief outings so far.

Other nice birds at Holiday Beach included a Great Blue Heron, Great Egret, Common Gallinule, Hairy Woodpecker, and Ruddy Ducks.

In October, I had to have a small operation in Leamington, and afterwards, I simply went for a walk along west beach in the afternoon. Some nice birds included Blue Headed Vireo and Winter Wren - which are expected at this time but still nice to see.

I hope I can catch up a little on my nature walks soon and hopefully see some end of year migrant rarities that are showing up all over the province. Even if I just seen the most common birds - its still great to get some fresh air and some exercise that nature observation brings. But still, I would love to find a Harris's Sparrow, or a Black throated Sparrow as they have been found in other parts of Ontario in the last month or so. Red Phalarope showed up in Blenheim during a mid-week snow storm... this would have been a lifer but I guess I will just save some birds for retirement.  I guess some birders have amazing luck and talent!!

Its almost time for the end-of-year summary ... but we are in mid-november so there is no time to sit around and be reflective yet. I need to get out and discover something!

December Target Bird:  Rough Legged Hawk

Good birding!

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