Saturday, June 22, 2019

More Botanizing, Mothing and Butterfly Watching

Virginian Tiger 

Happy Summer Solstice & Native American Day! (that was yesterday actually)

This past week - I have been trying to get out between this springs torrential downpours here in Essex County.

Nothing too amazing has been observed this last week but as always - there is typically something noteworthy to look at.

For example - I went to go for a walk at Ojibway Park to see some of the orchid species I had seen in the past - and while I had missed one of my main targets (its still early perhaps) I did run into this beautiful white moth perched on a blade of grass at Ojibway. I think its a Virginian Tiger Moth!

Some butterflies seen today include Monarch and Common Sootywing in my yard (amongst other more common species) - as well as a Baltimore Checkerspot at Ojibway.

In the plant department - I had went back to Brunet Park to try to find any orchids - with no luck. I did find several Whorled Loosestrife and Lance-leaved Coreopsis (which may or may not be native to the area).

I went back to the Reume Street Prairie - which is now a forest - and found some Fen Twayblade plants. Several years ago - I had seen 8-10 in this location but this year, I was hard-pressed to find two plants.

Baltimore Checkerspot

Fen Twayblade

Whorled Loosestrife

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