Tuesday, May 7, 2019

May 7th - Birding Malden Park and Ojibway Forest

I'm unable to take time off at this most beautiful time of year. I'm drooling with jealousy of my friends and birding brethren who are just out birding their hearts out for the week.

Stiff from a 50 hour work week - I go birding at 4pm after work here in Windsor - because a trip to point pelee from Windsor requires a 5 hour time envelope (one hour each way to drive).

Thus --- I have to settle for the Ojibway Complex in West Windsor. It can be surprisingly good at times. It never has the mega-rarities that Pelee typically delivers - but some of the seasonal expected birds can be quite easily seen.

Some highlights from today were:

Scarlet Tanager (Malden Park)
Yellow throated Vireo (Malden Park)

and at Ojibway - a few more warbler species plus a flock of PURPLE FINCHES eating Birch Catkins.

Believe it or not - I rarely see Purple Finches - and when I do its typically females. Today I had a flock of about 15 Finches with 1-2 Males mixed in.

Lets cut it short here. I have to conserve energy for work and... birding.

Good birding,

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