Friday, May 2, 2014

Clay coloured Nemisis Bird

Distant Western Grebe

With much effort this week, I stopped by the Pelee area after work to try to get some birding in between work and dinner. I did get a brief glimpse of a Western Grebe, but not quite the "soul satisfying views" I had of one a while back at Sam Smith park near Toronto.

Lapland Longspur in breeding plumage!?!? Pretty Cool!

Smith's Longspur just didn't really happen for me this week but I did see some cool stuff instead. I saw a flock of 15 Black bellied Plovers, a Sharp shinned Hawk trying to kill some blackbirds, and a breeding plumage Lapland Longspur that started singing immediately after Tuesday's massive rain/hail/thunderstorm that interrupted my birding efforts.

This Water Snake was sunning itself on West Tip Pathway

Some other highlights from the week include Marbled Godwit & Willets at Hillman Marsh. A flock of 15 Black bellied Plovers and a nice close Purple Martin were nice to see tonight as well.

After spending some time around Hillman Marsh tonight, I found myself with 30 minutes left to bird at Pelee so I went for a brief walk along the Northwest Beach footpath. It is a path I rarely walk - I figured I would try something different, and something close to the front gate of the park. It was birdless but I did notice three little sparrows along the path and noticed one I had never seen before. Clay coloured Sparrow!

Field & Clay coloured Sparrows on Northwest Beach Footpath
I've been trying to find this bird for at least two spring migrations and could never seem to catch up to it until tonight. What a beautiful, distinctive Sparrow! A life bird!

Clay coloured Sparrow

Good birding!

LLS: Clay coloured Sparrow #345

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