Monday, April 28, 2014

Holiday Beach Flora & Fauna

Trout Lillies

White Trout Lillies - Rare!

I went for a family walk at Holiday Beach on Sunday this past weekend. I noted a large swath of Yellow Trout Lillies which was nice, but then as I continued walking, I noticed smaller White Trout Lillies. It was a nice little botanical discovery. I don't think I've seen the white version of the native Trout Lillie Plant so that was pretty exciting!
Yellow Warbler

I also had my first Yellow Warbler on Sunday at Holiday Beach. Its always fun to see that beautiful yellow bird so I must note my first view of it! Speaking of Yellow Warblers, Holiday Beach has excellent habitat for another "yellow warbler" - the Prothonotary Warbler! The sloughs look excellent and lets hope this habitat invites this beautiful bird to this park this spring.

Solitary Sandpiper - By Itself!

Other birds seen were Greater, Lesser Yellowlegs, Solitary Sanpiper as well as about 40 other expected species in this habitat. A new beach facility has been built as well. Pretty nice!

Two more Eastern Phoebes were seen as well. I know,,,, its weird but I just haven't really seen them this spring! I think these two bring my total to 6 this April!

Good birding,

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  1. Looks like a very nice day!
    Here's to all kinds of 'yellow' warblers and more!



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