Thursday, May 8, 2014

Birding Magee Marsh in Northwest Ohio

I birded Magee Marsh today after wanting to get check out their spring migration for the last two years. It was pretty amazing. I saw/photographed 23 Warbler Species! In fairness, the whole region around the great lakes basically had a "fallout" of migrants today. Small woodlots around Windsor were reporting incredible birds!

The 23 warbler species seen are:
  1. Common Yellowthroat-10
  2. Canada Warbler-1
  3. Morning Warbler-1
  4. Yellow Warbler-5
  5. Prothonotary Warbler-1
  6. Yellow breasted Chat -1
  7. Chestnut sided Warbler - 5
  8. Wilson's Warbler-2
  9. Tennessee  Warbler-1
  10. Nashville Warbler-5
  11. Northern Parula-4
  12. Magnolia Warbler-10
  13. Black throated Blue Warbler - 15
  14. Cape May Warbler - 5
  15. Black throated Green Warbler - 10
  16. Yellow Rumped Warbler - 10
  17. Palm Warbler - 13
  18. Blackburnian Warbler -2
  19. Black and White Warbler -4
  20. American Redstart - 20+
  21. Bay Breasted (female) -1
  22. Ovenbird -2
  23. Northern Waterthrush - 2
As amazing as the day was, I didn't get any life birds! But I'm not complaining...Other highlights include:

Indigo Buntings- 2 (FOS)
Rose breasted Grosbeaks - 7
Bald Eagle Nest with two parents feeding babies
Screech Owl-1
Scarlet Tanagers - Male, Female and Orange Variant!
Yellow throated Vireo -1
Red eyed Vireo - 3
Warbling Vireo - 5
Veery -1
Swainson's Thrush -1
American Woodcock - 2 one on nest, and another struttin' along a waterway edge.

I don't want to compare Magee Marsh to Point Pelee or Rondeau or Long Point. They are all different and all amazing. I have to say though... The "density" of birds today was unbelievable. I literally saw 23 warblers in about 4 hours which is probably the best day of warbler viewing I have ever experienced. But, I was looking at Essex County's Ebird Rarities, and Pelee and Rondeau both had amazing days as well, and Pelee had many noteworthy rarities that I don't think Magee Marsh had (Worm-eating, Kentucky, Golden Winged- all life birds for me, as well as Prairie Warblers).


 Not a bad day at all!

Good birding!


  1. I think your white eyed vireo is a red eyed vireo.

    1. Thanks JN... Will correct that photo label soon. I have not actually seen a white-eyed vireo yet this year!

  2. So glad you checked that out. I went a couple of years ago and liked it except for having to elbow through throngs of people crammed onto the boardwalk like sardines in a tin. I think people at PPNP are nicer about sharing tips and making room for everyone to see.

    1. Kelly, I went on a weekday (I took a personal day) and didn't find it too bad. People were very nice.

  3. 23 warblers in a day?!?! wow.



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