Friday, April 13, 2012

Owls of Ojibway

Just a short posting. I'm happy to say that my birding hiatus ends tomorrow at 7pm. I have not birded too much lately, but still have been able to take the occasional walk at Ojibway Park in Windsor.  A friendly birder (yes, they exist!) graciously shared the location of these two gorgeous owls with me, under the condition that I not disclose the location to others. The owl fledgling below is only about 5-6 days old!

The baby owl looked distraught so we left immediately. We stayed back at least 100m, so this photo is heavily cropped and taken with a 500mm lens on a cropped sensor. Please use the highest standard of birding ethics when viewing owls.

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I'm in the market for a new scope. Some considerations are the Bushnell Elite Scopes, Vortex Razor 85mm, Kowa 88mm...Any suggestions?

Good birding,


  1. Regarding scope considerations...if I could have afforded it, I would have went with a Kowa, Swarovski, or even Vortex (their scopes are quite good!), but instead I went with the Bushnell Elite. Its probably the best scope under 1500$. The 20-60 zoom eyepiece is certainly usable, but not the same quality as the other three brands, especially once you zoom all the way out. The 22x wide-angle eyepiece however is exceptional, I would say comparable to the other brands (though I've never tried the Kowa).

  2. The Vortex is awesome and can be had for $1600...Kowa and Swaro are also maybe slightly better but quite a bit more expensive. Just a note - the Swarovski tripod is not very good, go with a Manfrotto or Gitzo instead (based on a friend's, I am too poor for these! haha).

  3. Great shots Dwayne. For me, hawks and owls are the most exciting finds. Hope your exam goes well.



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