Friday, April 27, 2012

Migration Faucet Slowly Opening

Just a photo-share tonight. I birded Ojibway park for 15 minutes this morning before work. It was exciting to hear my FOY House Wren along with my FOY Brown Thrasher. I heard the Thrasher with its smile-inducing double-note mimid sounds last night, but it was sculking in a thicket! They love to perch on tall trees in the morning... as I've observed in all my recent Florida trips. Green Heron, Warbling Vireo and Palm Warbler are FOY... pretty exciting for pre and post work brief walks!

It was nice to use my scope tonight to look at the Green Heron and Solitary Sandpiper. ... At one point, the Sandpiper was balancing on a tree branch in good light and I had amazing views of it. Scope ownership is good!

Saw tonnes of butterflies today as well, including a giant Eastern Tiger Swallowtail.

Good birding!


  1. Nice finds - I'm jealous of your location there Dwayne! Some year I'm going to have to make the 3.5hr drive for a day trip!

  2. The faucet was still bunged up today! Wow, was it slow for this time of year.



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