Monday, April 30, 2012

Eared Grebe Treats Late April Birders

Super busy lately, but had a chance to bird Point Pelee on Sunday morning. Only the most common birds were present in the park. Hermit Thrushes, Rusty Blackbirds & Common Grackels were easily seen in the Woodland Nature Trail (WNT). On WNT, Kory and I spotted a Single Yellow Warbler and a pair of Blue Grey Gnatcatchers. I left the park at 11am to check out Hillman, and then go home for some yardwork!
Eared Grebe - Life bird!
The best bird, as the title of this posting hints, was a Grebe with Golden Tufts at its ears. The Eared Grebe (see above)  is a life bird for me (#296). Props to Josh for finding it and sharing it with the Ontbirds.

Garlic Mustard, an invasive species of plant carpets much of Point Pelee's understory. You probably know this though!

Rusty Blackbirds and Common Grackles were abundant today.

Hermit Thrushes were easily seen today, this one giving nice looks on the Post Woods Trail.

A little ray of sunshine, a little bit of song...

Migration should resume any time this week, due to both southerly winds and me being at work! :-)

Good birding!

Lifer Summary:
Eared Grebe #296

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  1. Very nice lifer indeed! I'd like to see this one in Ontario... I doubt my luck will permit it. But things are heating up fast-- it's still early.

    Well done sir!



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