Friday, June 24, 2011

Peregrine Progress v2

Not much new happening lately. I've visited the bridge area in west Windsor for the last few days and have had a chance to see the flightless, downy Peregrine chicks molt into large, beautifully feathered fledglings. The shots above are of "Lady Gaga" (aka X/64).  She was on a two-storey apartment building next to the bridge. I was only about 20m away on a porch next to the building she was perched on, and I was able to use a tree as a blind. This bird was trying to sleep, but kept getting harassed by an angry Robin! What a brave mommy Robin!

 This is Spitfire (R/11). He's not flying as well as Lady Gaga, so its easy to see him perched on a low ledge on the bridge. He's stretching, napping and eating food from his parents... working up the confidence to start flying.

How cool to be in a mid-city environment and see Peregrine Falcons flying overhead with food in their talons, perched on telephone wires, and being harassed in trees by Robins and Blue Jays (see photo below).
Some butterflies seen lately include Dreamy Duskywing, Southern Coudywing, Silver spotted Skipper, which I spotted while going on an Ojibway walk, looking for Northern Bobwhite which was reported earlier this week.

Good birding,

Dreamy Duskywing has metallic purple flecks in its forewing and has greatly extended mouthparts that are diagnostic.

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  1. Hi Dwayne,

    Good report. Up at Pinery we had Northern Cloudywing today, but not Southern. We have had it there though.
    Looking forward to getting down to Ojibway next Saturday!



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