Thursday, June 2, 2011

Black Crowned Night Herons at Ojibway

Well, if you are reading this posting, you probably have read that a Yellow Crowned Night Heron was spotted at Malden Park on Wednesday this week. And as usual, I went on a Fool's Errand and went to look for it this morning and later after work. I did not see it of course. I almost don't beleive it was at Malden. I mean really... Four species of Herons at that park??? Blue, Green, Black Crowned and Yellow Crowned?

***Update - Josh V has posted a wonderful photo of the Yellow-crowned Night Heron ... Incredible. . It makes sense that this southern bird may be moving northward. I read an article today  stating that Texas is experiencing a severe drought and its expected to get worse as the summer goes on. This may stress some species to move north or their regular summer geographic regions. *** 

My quest led me to get nice views of a Black Crowned at the Ojibway Park Pond. Great Crested Flycatcher, Green Herons and Belted Kingfisher were easily seen. Indigo Buntings are very present as well. Singing their hearts out and easily seen in the Ojibway Grassland Prairie.

I think the Kingfisher above bit off more than he can chew! I wonder if this Kingfisher cares that Goldfish are not native species. Probably not. Protein is protein. ...

Good birding!


  1. Seems to be a lot of goldfish around. People keep dumping them off in ponds, etc. Not good, except for birds!
    One never knows about some bird reports. I don't know about the heron, but there were some good "bogus" reports of birds this spring!

  2. Indeed, the bird sightings book at PPNP is affectionately called the "Book of Lies"... LOL. Regarding the Goldfish, some cultures have a custom of releasing exotic species of fish for 'good luck'... Ecology course anyone? :^) Luckily, Malden Park is a closed pond and not connected to any waterways that lead to the great lakes.

  3. Hey guys, I can confidently say that the YCNH was correctly identified. The finder, Karen Morgan, send me a photo which I have posted on my blog.


  4. We debated going to look for the YCNH this weekend, but ended up opting for Art in the Park Friday and Sunny Glades on Saturday. I had to do lesson planning today. Thanks for linking to Josh's blog and Karen's photo.



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