Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Peregrine Falcons at the Bridge V2

 Today's paper had an article about two new baby falcons that have hatched at the bridge in Windsor (Lady Gaga and Spitfire). I couldn't help but stop by tonight while going for a riverside walk with the family.  I'm thinking CPF stands for Canadian Peregrine Foundation?
 Could the photo below be a Peregrine Falcon with a baby Owl? I wish the falcons would eat some of the abundant Starlings around... but who am I to tell these raptors what to eat? Any guesses on what he/she has?
Good birding!
 More photos from Wednesday...
 The sexual dimorphism of raptors usually has the female as the larger of the two. That hints that the one on the right side is the male. This is on the steeple of Assumption Church next to the bridge. The fledgling above is probably 'Lady Gaga' as the sibling seemed to be smaller and weaker in behind her.



  1. Great series!!

    The captured bird does look like an owl although the feet are pretty big. Fabulous image!!



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