Saturday, April 30, 2011

Point Pelee - Post Woods Trail... Post-work Posting

After work on Friday, I went down to Point Pelee for a Post-work walk on the "Post woods" trail. Its incredible to say this but I've never walked the post-woods trail! I haven't really walked the west beach trail much either. If I birded the tip of Point Pelee, I would often just take the tram back to the visitor center and typically walk Tildens Woods and Woodland Nature Trail.
 I had face-melting views of this Yellow-Rumped Warbler on Tildens'

My first walk covered Tilden's Woods and I saw Rusty Blackbirds as well as Northern Waterthrushes foraging the sloughs. White throated Sparrows patriotically sang "oh sweet Canada" as the occasional paserine flew overhead. One Winter Wren bounced around the path but my camera was unable to get any focus on it. I walked from Tildens Trail to the beach, and all the way up the beach to Sparrow Field. That must have been about 1-2 Km? Along the beach though, I saw front-lit Horned Grebes at 10-20m off the shore, along with all kinds of Gulls, Cormorants, Ducks and Scoters. I photographed some close Terns and later ID'd them as Forster's Terns (lifer #236). I have not really taken much time to really ID terns... I have assumed they were Common or Caspian. I saw deer venture out the forest and drink water from the beach shoreline. Chipping and Field Sparrows hopped along the sand catching little bugs. Seeing the newly cleared Sparrow Field was pretty cool. True to its name, I saw 4 sparrow species (chipping, field, white crowned and white throated).

I then walked the "Post Woods" trail North towards the visitor center. Black throated Green, Black-and-White warblers, along with a tree-top Blue headed Vireo were seen.  A Brown Thrasher was spooked as I walked northward. Blue-Grey Gnatcathers and Cedar Waxwings were seen. None in great quantity, but it seemed like everything around made itself known. As post-woods trail became the Woodland Nature Trail I saw one Blue Headed Vireo and several Palm Warblers foraging the treetops as the sun was setting to the west.

 Forsters' Tern above, Surf Scoters below

Did you ever see a Field Sparrow in Sparrow Field?

Hillman Marsh had thousands of Dunlin, typical Gulls and Ducks. Noteworthy birds were about 4 Willets and 3 Black Bellied Plovers. A Thrush near the parking lot had huge buffy eyerings. I can't help but think its a Swainsons. Its probably a Hermit Thrush! 

Saturday, I spent the day with family and friends in Greenfield Village in Dearborn Michigan. We went on the "Thomas the Train" train ride. Good times! Tomorrow, (Sunday) I will try to be at PPNP to watch the sun rise!

Good Birding!


  1. Nice post about your post-work Post woods walk!
    We get lots of Forster's Terns up this way. I hear/see them every day in the spring and summer.
    I haven't been to Greenfield Village/Henry Ford Museum since I was a kid! --grade 6 field trip.

  2. How do you tell Forster's Tern from Common? I have been trying to rely on the call to distinguish them. Which one is all over the marina now? I also had Field Sparrow at PPNP today. We will be back Sunday (tomorrow) a.m. as well. Might see you!

  3. Very nice assortment! And hey-- I've never been to Pelee at all, so at least you're one up on me (hardly difficult).

  4. What a birdy day you had!
    I'm heading up there this afternoon.
    I've been treated to some birds in my own yard this morning that I've never had the pleasure of hosting here ... Rose-breasted Grosbeak (m & f), Baltimore Oriole, Yellow warbler and another warbler that was too quick for me to ID.
    I think the rain brought them all in.
    I hope you have a fantastic birding day today!

  5. Kiki, a Forsters Tern (according to my Sibley Field Guide) has a white breast/belly with an orange beak with black tips. A Common Tern has a grey belly and a redish beak. I think it would be hard to tell them apart as they fly over but if you could scope them or photograph them, then you can take your time looking. Fitcetera, my parents had 4 Rose breasted Grosbeaks this morning as well. Stuart, you owe it to yourself to go to PPNP... Its probably not much further for you to drive from London than me from Windsor!



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