Thursday, April 7, 2011

Birding the Ojibway Prarie Reserve in Early Spring

I should keep a list for just my moms house!
Just a quick walk after work today... about 1 hour had some decent birds. No big surprises but a good mix in my humble opinion. I also found a Yellow-Bellied Sapsucker at Mom's House!!!  I noticed the gestalt on this woodpecker had a 'twist-dabbing' motion in the pecking technique.  How exciting to see this wonderful woodpecker... at Mom's house of all places!

Ojibway Prairie reserve was good today as well. I walked from 4-4:45 and saw many great birds!

Birds Seen at Ojibway:
Hermit Thrush
Field Sparrow
Eastern Bluebirds (6+)
Northern Flicker
Eastern Phoebe
Red winged Blackbird
Red bellied Woodpecker
Red tailed Hawk
Blue Jay
White breasted Nuthatch
Ring billed Gulls Overhead

Hermit Thrush
Eastern Bluebirds were almost easily seen. I have not heard their 'depressed warble' for months!
Field Sparrow

Northern Flicker
Good Birding!

PS: Well, I've been trying to see/photograph an American Woodcock for the last week or so, and of course, the one night I had great looks at it, my camera had no memory card! Anyway, I have satisfactorily seen, observed, and will claim American Woodcock as a lifer bird... #234!

American Woodcock Timberdoodling


  1. Congratulations on the AMWO, Dwayne-- it's a better photo than what I have... what's the status on your new kit?

  2. Great that you spotted the American Woodcock! Nice one.
    The only time I've seen the Eastern Bluebirds was at Rondeau. I'll have to go check out Ojibway soon.

    I went birding in the little woods beside The Place Concorde yesterday and saw my first Yellow-bellied Sapsucker. Unfortunately it was dead. :(
    I'm glad you posted the Eastern Phoebe ... now I know what I saw yesterday.
    There were ...
    Northern Flicker
    Eastern Phoebe
    Palm Warbler ... my first warbler of the year!
    Song Sparrow
    I'm pretty sure a Savannah Sparrow (I could be wrong ... I'm pretty new to birding and those LBJs give me a hard time)
    Red-winged blackbirds
    all in about a half hour so not too shabby.

  3. Stuart, I do have a new 7D body. My 40D is in for repair, but I think the repair will cost more than the market value of the camera itself. I like the 7D, but there is a major learning curve. If you have any advice you would like to share, please contact me! I'd be interested in the autofocus setup you use.

    Fitcetera, thanks for the comment. I am always interested in lesser known birding hotspots around. I'm impressed about the Palm Warbler! I hope you enjoy the blog! :^)

  4. Haha I would take the shot of the woodcock. I'm aiming for one of those this year!



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