Saturday, April 2, 2011

Birding Point Pelee and Hillman Marsh

I headed out to Point Pelee this morning with the intention of being home in 5 hours. 2 hours of commuting to and from Windsor and one hour each for Delaurier Trail & the tip of Point Pelee and one hour at Hillman. I was hoping to see some early spring migrants such as Eastern Meadowlarks or Eastern Bluebirds but no such luck today. I did see the great horned owls near the Park entrance (no big surprise .... it lives there).

I started at Delaurier Trail, which is one of my favorite paths to walk at Point Pelee. I just love walking on the wooden pathways that cross over the flooded sloughs and channels. It was generally quiet though when I walked it though. Ander's Footpath was a little quiet as well, with the exeption of an Eastern Phoebe and some common blackbirds. The tip of Point Pelee did not seem very birdy to me today either. Just a few gulls and common birds around. East beach had some nice looks at Red breasted Mergansers and distant flotillas of ducks that I did not have the time nor optics to scan :-).

Some birds seen out at Point Pelee today include:
Great Horned Owl
Eastern Phoebe
Swamp Sparrow
Common Merganser
Red Breasted Merganser
Common Grackles
Northern Flicker
... as well as the typical regulars one would normally see.

After Point Pelee, I then proceeded to Hillman Marsh for about an hour. I ran into an excellent birder, Richard C. who had a fantastic scope that gave breathtaking views at some of the great birds at Hillman Marsh. I would almost say Hillman Marsh was a little better bird-wise today than Point Pelee.

My first looks at male Green Winged Teals.  This was a target species for me today.

Only the second time I've seen Wilson's Snipe. Many (7-9) were around Hillman today.
Hillman Marsh Birds Include:

Wilson's Snipe (several... 7 at one point)
Greater Yellowlegs (one)
Green winged Teal
Northern Shoveler
American Coot
Bonaparte's Gull
Ring billed Gulls

Tree Swallows

One G-Yellowlegs, a Killdeer, and 7 Snipe in the background!
Lots of gulls (Bonapartes Gulls) on the Hillman Shorebird Cell
There are three Wilson's Snipe on the left and one on the right

Tree Swallows were flying over the shorebird cell at Hillman this morning
I hope to bird these areas every weekend from April to May this year. Good times!
Good birding!


  1. Not much around yet it seems. I had hoped to get to Pelee today, but didn't make it. I finally got my new lens though but didn't have much chance to use it yet.

  2. I've been thinking about heading to Pelee too, but need to make sure I hit it at the right time to make it worth it....I think the drive is 9-10 hours each way from here! I'd love to see those owls too.



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