Sunday, March 21, 2010

Florida.... what a state!

I spent the last week of my life in Florida! I spent three days in Orlando and Three days in Miami... So naturally I bugged my wife to go to the famous Merrit Island Nature Reserve and the Everglades. I must have photographed,,, I'm thinking 75 species of birds and 30 or so new to my life list. There is so much I could write about... but I have to keep this posting short. I will add three blog postings to break up the birding adventures.

 I have several shots of a Roseate Spoonbill both in flight and foraging in shallow water. I saw and photographed pretty well all the herons/egrets (except for black/yellow crowns). Merrit Island was incredible!

Just driving into the city of Titusville, I photographed so many birds. Loggerhead Shrike were on telephone wires, Ibis on the side of the roads, shorebirds galore...

The Florida Everglades was awesome as well. I stopped at three major points along the way but my favorite surprisingly was a stop called 'Long Key Pine'. I did not have the fanfare of Anahinga trail, but just standing in the parking lot I must have seen 10 bird species with almost no effort! Male and female Eastern Bluebirds, YBSS (see below), Great Crested Flycatcher ...check.

I'm happy to be back home. I look forward to the week by week migration wave that is upon us as we speak!

Happy birding!

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