Friday, March 26, 2010

Florida Life List Additions... Birding Riverside Drive & Ojibway

I've birded Riverside Drive once or twice in the last week.... and nothing! Hardly a single duck anywhere to be seen! I had thought there would be many to see once the ice melted, but that seems to just not be the case.  I walked around Ojibway park today and did not see anything out of the ordinary. Actually, I did see an anusual amount of Golden Crowned Kinglets. I'm not sure if there was always that many, or if they are migrating northward already.

 Wow,  I photographed about 80 bird species during two major birding outings in Florida and added 40 new species to my life list. I have not officially updated my list yet, but below I have about 40 new species that I've never officially seen. The image below is a link to a google picassa web album of about 80 photos.

florida favs
1. Tricolored Heron
2. Redish Egret
3. Little Blue Heron
4. Snowy Egret
5. Cattle Egret
6. American Coot
7. Greater Yellowlegs
8. Glossy Ibis
9. White Ibis
10. Eastern Meadowlark
11. Palm Warbler
12. Roseate Spoonbill
13. Loggerhead Shrike
14. Sandhill Cranes
15. Wood stork
16. Blue Winged Teal
17. Savanah Sparrow
18. Northern Mockingbird
19. Grey Catbird
20. Sora
21. Purple Gallinule
22. Great crested flycatcher
23. Palm Warbler
24. Eurasian collared dove
25. Brown Pelican
26. White Pelican
27. Black Vulture
28. Northern Parula
29. Yellow Throated Warbler
30. Pine Warbler
31. Black Skimmer
32. Swainson's Thrush
33. Laughing Gull
34. Boat tailed Grackel
35. Northern Shoveler
36. Ruddy Duck
37. Eastern Bluebird (female)
38. Brown Thrasher
39. Anahinga
40. Willet

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