Monday, May 3, 2021

Early May Migrants


Its been an interesting Spring Migration so far!  Every year brings a random showing of birds and this year has been no different. For example, I don't think I have seen an Eastern Phoebe this spring yet --- which is strange because I see them quite easily most years.

Even though I am working - I try to go out daily during the month of May. 

Amazingly, my back yard even gives me good birds occasionally- and the other night while eating dinner, I noticed a Hermit Thrush in my back yard! I also hear White throated and White Crowned Sparrows singing from the hedgerow behind my house. 

I had a really nice walk at Black Oak Heritage Park in Windsor on May 2nd with a nice showing of about 6 warbler species along with singing Brown Thrasher and singing Yellow throated Vireo!

Anywho - all the best in your birding and nature appreciation efforts!


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