Wednesday, May 26, 2021

Astronomy: Alignment of Venus and Mercury Coming up on May 28th


Tonight at about 9pm , I looked at the western horizon and noted a single "star" (planet really) and I was a little dismayed because my stargazing app had shown Venus and Mercury somewhat close to each other.  I had read earlier this month that Mercury and Venus will have an alignment on the evening of May 28th. I'm sure that it will be cloudy that evening, but I imagine that a few night before or after May 28th will provide a view of Venus and Mercury somewhat close together.

Interestingly- I had not seen Mercury until about 9:25... Just at Venus was dropping below the treeline. Venus is easy to see without any optics, but Mercury takes binoculars and lots of patience. It only appears once the sunset gets a little darker. 

I would like to go out to Point Pelee on the 28th to watch the sun set and see this alignment of these two planets. The nice thing about Point Pelee is that you have an un-obstructed view of the horizon in the East, South and Westerly directions. Another bonus for stargazers. 

Recall that back on the Winter Solstice of 2020 (Dec 21st) there was the "great conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn" which I had captures the night before from my back porch. 

I have been mothing, birding and stargazing a little bit lately when I can get some time. A few nights ago, I was mothing with a few friends and after they left I stayed out (kingsville area has nice dark skies) to look at the Sagitarius constellation that is starting to appear late at night in the Eastern sky.

Some highlights from my recent outing were M8 (Lagoon Nebula) which I have never seen before, as well as M22 and M23 - both of which are star clusters within our Milky Way Galaxy.

Good Astronomizing!


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